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Poetry and prose for the modern mind | Musical Advice
by Beth Pallwitz

Musical Advice

Listen to the music of your soul,
Be it lilting or sad, mournful or glad.
Remember that one melody does not a symphony make.
Don’t get trapped in a busy measure;
Relax in the rest periods.
Keep busy during double time.
Enjoy the activity, knowing it will retard soon.
Look at the Conductor often,
Sometimes He will have special work for you to do.
Take each measure note by note;
If you look too far ahead you’ll lose your place.
Find your cadence in the song.
Don’t move too fast or too slow.
Listen to those around you.
Working together creates harmony.
When tuning, focus on the piano’s note.
This is the only time to ignore those around you
So you can adjust your instrument to the Master tones.
Practice regularly.
Learn the music.
Take time to listen to other concerts
Under the Conductor’s expert direction.
Learn the subtleties of His movements,
To better follow Him when it’s your turn.
Remember that every instrument is important:
Don’t worry if you’re not playing all the time.
There can only be one first chair violin.
If it isn’t you, play your best anyway.
Pay close attention to the markings in our sheet music.
You don’t want to be forte during a pianissimo moment.
When the concert is over,
Applaud the Conductor.
Without His guidance,
There would only be discord and dissonance.