Robot Watch - Lego Monster Chess

Robotics and Legos may be a match made in cyber heaven for crafty kids of all ages. A grand master of Lego robots, Steve Hassenplug, was recently inspired by Harry Potter to create a new magnum opus, Monster Chess. After a year of work and over 100,000 Legos, Hassenplug along with colleagues John Brost, Ron McRae, Brian Bonahoom, Jenn Wagner, and a team of other helpers and sponsors, made their first moves on the their 156 square food board. Besides wheels, most of the pieces have additional moving parts including the royals' scepters, the rooks cannonballs, and the knights rearing horses. Add a little science, design, and a splash of Hollywood to a game that has been around for centuries and you have the perfect confluence of geek chic.