Field Guide | Information Design

The Future-ish Field Guide to Information Design and Data Visualization (we like to call it "data candy" here at Future-ish) is where you can find the latest and greatest news, information, and resources on information graphics and data visualization. We're just getting started on our fashion Field Guide so come back soon and often as we will be making frequent updates. Have a suggestion? Want to get listed? Interested in sponsoring a Field Guide page? Simply send an email to studiof(at)future-ish(dot)com to let us know.

Accuracy & Aesthetics | building consensus
Chart Porn | data visualizations you gotta love
Data Store | The Guardian datablog
Flowing Data | using data to understand ourselves better
GE Data Visualization | making data work
Infographics News | news, curiosities, events, and more
Information Aesthetics | where form follows data
Information is Beautiful | ideas, issues, knowledge, data
Martin Krzywinski | science + art
Strange Maps | cartographic curiosities
Well-formed Data | information aesthetics

Big Data Week | April 22-28, 2013

Design Firms
Catalogtree | Dutch data candy delight
Column Five Media | visual content creators
Fathom | information designers
Periscopic | do good with data
Seed Media Group | actionable knowledge
Stamen | big ideas worth pursuing

Ben Fry | principal at Fathom

Good Magazine | data for good

Online Communities/Networks/Resources | news, research, and knowledge
Visual Complexity | visualizing complex networks | GE and Seed Magazine's community resource