2011 - International Year of Industrial Design

As part of our TRIO project, Future-ish has pronounced 2011 the International Year of Industrial Design.

Industrial design (ID) is a field of professional design that imagines and delivers new products and design solutions to the marketplace. It is an applied art field addressing issues of form and function that benefit both the maker of the product and the end user. Innovation is at the heart of ID and it touches many aspects of the product development value stream from trend research and initial concepts and packaging and branding campaigns.

We invite industrial design enthusiasts around the world to join Future-ish in celebrating our International Year of Industrial Design by developing special projects, programs, and events that increase interest, literacy, and involvement in the field of industrial design. Have a special project, program, or event we should list here? Simply send an email to email(dot)future-ish(at)gmail(dot)com to let us know.

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2011 Events
IDSA 2011 Design Dialogue Conferences
January 22-23 | Compostmodern
February 10-13 | Object Rodderdam | Rodderdam, The Netherlands