Speedy Delivery - Le Whif Vitamins

A whiff a day may keep the doctor away. Well, it may take eight wiffs but you'll look fabulous and have fun while doing it. The latest incarnation of breathable goodness from David Edwards, famed Harvard biomedical engineer, actually has some real world value (his breathable coffee and chocolate were a bit over the top). Le Whif Vitamins delivers doses of vitamins and other compounds that offer lots of health benefits. There is antioxidant green tea with vitamins C and E, multivitamin hibiscus tea, and age smart wine tea with resveratrol from grape skins that may fight cancer. Best of all, by dissolving in the mouth rather than being digested, you actually get more and faster absorption into the body. An added plus is that the containers are made from easily biodegradable plastic. Which brings us to one of the few downsides...each lipstick size tubes holds eight doses. A person will go through quite a few of these trying to keep up with daily doses. Hopefully, Edwards and his Artscience Labs team will come up with concentrate forms for the devices because they truly show great promise in situations such as delivering vitamins and medications in developing countries, as well as lots of other future applications such a nutritional supplements and other medical solutions.