SeanChron - Hockey, paddling, and First Nations for William and Kate in NWT

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paddle on Blachford Lake with Elder, Francois Paulette. Image Credit:

Here at Future-ish, we long ago added 'culture' to the equation of social drivers shaping the future...honoring people, place, history, and traditions are essential elements in the many ways culture connects us to our past and our future. So, I was really pleased to see that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took time out of their busy Canadian tour to visit Yellowknife and Blachford Lake in the Northwest Territories (NWT) where they had a chance to meet with First Nations communities and learn about the people, places, and traditions of the Inuktitut, Chipewyan, Dene, and Inuit. William and Kate got in some paddling and even a little street hockey or 'shinny' as the call it in Canada. William even closed a speach with "Mahsi Cho" and "Quyanaq nuck-puck", the words for 'thank you' in the local Gwich'in Dene and Inuvialuit languages.

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