Keep Calm and Code On

The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day is a 'code-a-thon' technology development event during which citizens from around the world will work together to solve current challenges relevant to both space exploration and social need. The International Space Apps Challenge will take place on all seven continents – and in space - on 21-22 April 2012. Dozens of locations around the world will participate, including the International Space Station and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. For this particular code-a-thon, NASA has identified four challenge categories: software, open hardware, citizen science, and data visualization.

What is a 'code-a-thon' you ask? A code-a-thon brings together individuals from around the world to solve critical social and environmental challenges. This of it as software development on a social mission that taps the most innovative software developers, engineers, designers and technologists from around the world to contemplate and solve real world challenges. It works by teams forming around particular challenges to compete with other teams across the globe (and in space) to design innovative solutions.