Design Idol | Thomas Woltz

Thomas Woltz and the Orongo Station Wetlands

The career of American landscape architect Thomas Woltz is coming into full bloom. He was recently named a Society of Landscape Architects fellow and has become highly recognized for his innovative ideas within the industry.

Woltz completed Masters degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Virginia where he has also been a part-time faculty member since 2000. Woltz began working with Warren Byrd in 1997 and on 2004 became a full partner in what is now Nelson Byrd Woltz, a 30-person design practice with offices in NYC and Charlottesville, VA.

Woltz's projects range from private gardens and farmlands to urban landscapes and corporate campuses. One unique element of Woltz' work is his commitment to honoring people and place while creating forward-thinking environments. A passion for sustainability led him to launch the Conservation Agriculture Studio within his firm that connects design with sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, native plants, and systems thinking. Thomas serves on the Board of Directors of The Cultural Landscape Foundation and has been named to the 2011 ASLA Council of Fellows.