Cocktail Astronomy | Leland Melvin

Melvin with his dogs Jake and Scout

Here at Future-ish, we love astronomy and we love cocktails. So to prep our fans (and ourselves) for those stellar weekend cocktail conversations, we are pleased to offer our Cocktail Astronomy post each Friday.

Continuing in our celebration of Movember, we wanted to bring your attention to another astronaut with an awesome mustache. Leland Melvin is an American Astronaut that served on Space Shuttle Atlantis in missions STS-122 ad STS-129 in 2008 and 2009. Today, Melvin serves as the NASA Associate Administrator for Education.

Melvin is a great public speaker and enjoys being a role model for young people who are thinking about a career in the STEM subjects. NASA and astronaut fans often refer to Melvin as their favorite astronaut. So, if you're going to a cocktail party and you're gonna talk astronomy, spacetravel, and gotta know about Melvin, one of the best Movember mentors around.

You can follow Melvin on Twitter at @Astro_flow

For even more cred, below is a 2011 video of Melvin and Pharrell Williams speaking about science, curiosity, STEM, and promoting Williams' From One Hand to Another nonprofit.