Mililani Trask Testifies in 2022 Public Scoping Meeting on Maunakea Thirty Meter Telescope Project

It has been a minute since we last posted but we cannot think of a better way to rev up the science, design, and culture engines than sharing the inspiring testimony Milinani Trask, Hawaiʻi Island Trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, offered at the August 9th, 2022 public scoping meeting in Hilo regarding the National Science Foundation (NSF) Thirty Meter Telescope project on Maunakea.

As we have shared on Future-ish in the past, it is important to note that on the topic of the Thirty Meter Telescope, Native Hawaiians and others that oppose the current project as it is being implemented are not against science, science agencies, or even projects like the Thirty Meter Telescope. What has become one of the most important parts of this complex situtaion is that indigenous peoples MUST be included and consulted on projects that have even the smallest possiblity of impacting their culture, traditions, worldview, and knowledge systems. If projects like the Thirty Meter Telescope were initiated in the right, culturally sensitive and respectful way - and progressed through the many stages of planning, construction, and maintenance also in the right way - there is a very good chance that such projects could proceed.

Sadly, this not the case in many such projects and we here at Future-ish hope to help shape the future on this matter every opportunity we get. Sharing such passionate and inspiring testimony is one tiny step in that direction.