Hex Watch: Wooly Walls

Our hexigon crush continues. Born of a fantastic collaboration between Träullit and design studio Form Us With Love, these lovely hexagons are a perfect combination of form and function. Comprised of a recyclable material made with wood wool, cement and water, the Dekor form a sort of multi-tasking material for adorning walls. The material is moisture-regulating, heat-accumulating and fire resistant (just to name a few!) and because the hexagons are also sound-absorbing, they are ideal for helping improve acoustics in residential and industrial spaces. Here's to the future of modern, sustainable design!

Take a peek below for time lapse video of the installation at Form Us With Love offices.

Träullit Dekor Hexagon by FORM US WITH LOVE from FORM US WITH LOVE on Vimeo. - Kim Nowakowski