Curly Hair Mafia

What happens when a biologist, a chemist, and a mammalogist review sci-fi, horror, or fantasy shows? Nerdtastic hilarity! Join our three scientists – known as the Curly Hair Mafia – as they take down big films, popular TV series, and everything in between.

Each Curly Hair Mafia take down includes...

  • Clark Kents | We buy the whole superhero thing, but we have a real problem believing that nobody recognized Clark Kent was Superman. Clark Kents are those mudane things movie/show makers assume we’ll let go. News flash! We can’t!
  • Side-eyes | There are some characters so annoying that you wish they’d get taken out early in the movie/show. You know, like Charlie and Danny in NBC’s show ‘Revolution’. We have a hit-list, complete with why these characters deserve it.
  • Noscience | Sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies/shows often time ask us to accept things that are not – shall we say –scientifically accurate. But sometimes a movie/show will ask us to accept some bit of nonscence science thing we simply can’t.

The Curly Hair Mafia is... Guest Mafia...