SeanChron | White Rose Exhibit

The White Rose exhibit at UW's Odegaard Library, 2013.

I have had the great honor of helping the Munich-based organizers of a traveling exhibit on the White Rose (the student resistance group in WWII Germany) for several years now in the Pacific NW of the United States. The exhibit is administered and scheduled by the Weiße Rose Stiftung and I just help arrange transportation for it in the US, store it when it is not on display, and help install it at new venues on occasion as needed.

I first became involved with exhibit in 2011 when I led a committee to bring the exhibit at the UW in the fall of 2013. Little did I know that this would open up a window into my own past that I hadn't known about before, a rescuer in my own family!

Since that time I continue to support the exhibit in the US and work to share the story of the White Rose given that many of the issues at play in WWII Germany still exist in our world today. This is one reason why I wear a white rose in my hat when for my Schuhplatter (Bavarian folk dancing) performances.

Below you will find pictures and stories of the exhibit as the exhibit makes its way around the Pacific NW and beyond with the most recent updates at the top of the post.

Nov 2016 | Article on White Rose Exhibit at Hebrew College in Boston

A great article by Matt Lebovic on the White Rose exhibit and its impact at its first venue in the NE.
Oct 2016 | White Rose Exhibit off to Boston
The White Rose Exhibit (die Weiße Rose Stiftung) is off to the German Embassy in Boston for a tour of the east coast over the next several months. Huge thanks to Myan, Kate, and Bri at the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center #5506 for the fantastic packing job and for doing it so quickly! Auf Wiedersehen und Gute Reise!

June 2016 | White Rose Exhibit Returns from University of Portland
The White Rose Exhibit (Weiße Rose Stiftung) on the University of Munich student resistance group in Germany during WWII finished up at University of Portland and is on the move again. And yes, in case you were wondering...the exhibit DOES fit in Fiat 500 ;-)

July 2016 | A Visit to the White Rose Exhibit in Munich
I had the opportunity to visit the actual White Rose Exhibit in Munich this summer while on vacation in Germany and I must say it was as inspiring as I expected it to me. I arranged with Angela Kretschmann, the coordinator of the US traveling exhibit, to meet with Ursula Kaufmann, the head of the White Rose Exhibit at the University of Munich. Hearing the stories first hand and then visiting so many of the important locations of the final days of the White Rose participants was an experience I will never forget. Below are a few photos I took.

Here is a short video clip of the art installation in the hallway: