Join Studio F | NewsFusion Senior Editor

September 2017. Future-ish is upping our game. For the first time in our ten year history, we are formalizing a position and actually recruiting for it. We are SO excited!

Future-ish is still an evening and weekend passion project for most of here in Studio F, which means no pay...but LOTS OF GLORY! We do have plans to offer paid positions in 2018.

The Opportunity | Senior Editor, NewsFusion

Background | NewsFusion is currently our 'occasional but fairly frequent' summary of science, design, and culture news. The goal is to make it weekly, hopefully daily.

Responsibilities | The NewsFusion Senior Editor will collect and curate headlines from the science, design, and culture spheres in a regular website update. The NewsFusion Senior Editor will also be responsible for social media promoting the post (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.).

Time Commitment | Each NewsFusion post takes approximately one hour, usually less. Associated social media take approximately 10-15 minutes (accounts for multiple updates on occasion, such as three Twitter updates during the day on a particular NewsFusion edition. Total time: for one poster per week, 5 hours per month. Additional time if NewsFusion Senior Editor chooses to create more than one post per week.

Interested? Contact us!